5 Ways To Kink Up Sex This Winter


Let’s face it - sex can become repetitive and boring if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.  It’s up to you to try something new, and challenge the vanilla sex that you’ve become accustomed to.  So while the temperatures plummet, think outside the box with 5 Ways To Kink up Sex This Winter.

# 1 Let’s Talk About Sex

Talking dirty isn’t really dirty at all. Talking dirty is about giving eroticism and fantasies a voice.  Sex generates sound: whether that be soft moans and screams, or the sound of your own voice talking to your partner about what you want, where you want it and how you want it. 

Giving sex a voice heightens everything – your intimacy and passion, your vulnerability, your inner-most desires.  Don’t be afraid to exchange the more ‘clinical’ terms of ‘vagina’ and ‘penis’ for the slang terms.  You may find these slang terms make you cringe outside of sexual intimacy, but you’d be surprised by how powerful and hot they feel when using them during sex-play. Go on… try it, I know you want to.

# 2 Erotic Massage

Turn your everyday ‘I’ll give you a 10 minute massage if you cook dinner’ into something a little more adventurous.  My oil of preference is organic coconut oil; it’s natural, smells amazing and is good enough to eat. (You want it to be edible when it comes to erotic massage). 

Begin naked, and end naked - both of you.  Use your hands when massaging your partner AND your whole body.  Use plenty of oil and enjoy the art of giving/receiving touch, making sure you leave genital massage until the very end.  Remember the oil will act as a lubricant too and so the sensation of oil on the body and genitals will be a huge turn-on.  Tease your lover, take your time and make them wait. 

# 3 Self Pleasure, Together

Masturbate while your lover watches.  That’s right, take your pleasure into your own hands (literally).  You may wish to use your hands or use a vibrator to stimulate yourself and allow your lover to watch from afar. Watching (or being watched) as you pleasure yourself can be a huge turn-on.  Try it and see.  If things get steamy and you want to take it to the next level, incorporate mutual masturbation – masturbate next to each other, or allow your lover to stimulate you while you mutually stimulate yourself.

# 4 Beginners BDSM

Engage in some light power play by spanking, tying your lover’s hands together, blindfolding and teasing them.  You may want to be the submissive or the dominant; it’s up to you and what feels most pleasurable for you (and them) at the time.  You may enjoy wearing some hot BDSM getup, even if that means buying a new piece of underwear that you wouldn’t usually wear.  BDSM can be light and fun, or intense and edgy – it’s up to you and your partner as to where it will take you.

# 5 Watch Porn Together

You may think porn isn’t your thing, but my advice is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Watching porn together can be a major turn-on.  It also gives you an opportunity to find out what you both find hot when it comes to sex.  Often watching porn progresses into sex and the next thing you know you’ve got one eye on the porn and another on your partner between your legs! (Trust me.)

This article was published on Ansell Australia 20 June, 2014.