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The Difference Between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex & Ecstatic Sex

As women, when we allow ourselves to be penetrated by another, we open our pussy and womb space (and quite possibly mouth and ass) up to the consciousness of our chosen lover. We take them into us physically and, we take them into us energetically. We absorb their consciousness into our entire being. Often when this happens we open ourselves up to all sorts of emotions and feelings that impact us on a deep level in both positive and negative ways.

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The Art of Embracing Your Shadow and Doing the Work

Next time somebody in your life triggers you (aka annoys you, pisses you off, makes you feel angry, sad, frustrated ... generally puts your whole body & mind into a feeling of distress), I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect on why you feel so affected by this person? You see, it's easy to instantly react and blame, tame and shame others - to make them 'wrong', to bitch and gossip, or even worse, collude with others behind their back.

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