How To Know If Your Relationship Is Right For You


When feeling into our attractions with others, it’s pretty handy to feel into the 4 centres in our body:


Check in with each centre. Do you have a big YES to this person at each centre? Or a big NO? Perhaps you have a YES at one centre, and NO at the others?

Ultimately for committed, particularly monogamous, relationships to have ecstatic sex, deep passion and an intense heart connection, you ultimately want to have a YES at ALL 4 centres.

Many, many couples make the mistake of committing to someone because their heart centre says YES, but their sex centre was always NO. Or, their sex centre was YES, so the sex was fucking great, but deep down their heart and intuition always felt off. There’s so many different combinations of the YES’S and NO’S, but I find this process very handy when choosing who we interact with sexually and who we enter into committed relationships with. Personally I’ve realised (through trial and error many times over) that the best relationship is when there are 4 strong YES’S.

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