Love & Freedom In Relationship

Artist // Zhang Yidan

Artist // Zhang Yidan


The difference between what the masculine and feminine need in a relationship is BIG. 

Everything about the feminine is about LOVE. And everything about the masculine is about FREEDOM. 

If you’re in your feminine, your value is LOVE and you want a partner in their masculine who fills your life with love. 

A man who you can be ANYTHING with and he still remains loving. 

A man who has the skills to open you when you close ... and keep loving you.

A man who, when you’re in a bad mood, knows how to open you and fill you with love, again and again.

A man who has the capacity to move through the difficulties of life and emotions with you and persistently fill you with love.

And, when you feel like life is empty, a man who knows exactly how to scoop you up and take you on an adventure and make your life feel FULL.

A man who makes you feel pinned by his love.

Taken by his love.

Known by his love.

Saturated by his love.

That’s a valuable man for a feminine partner.

But the above is not what the masculine wants.

If you’re in your masculine, your highest value is FREEDOM, and you want a partner in their feminine who helps you feel FREE.

A woman who doesn’t make you feel trapped.

A woman who’s heart is with you when when pursuing your life's purpose.

A woman who liberates you, and frees you ... every. single. day.

A woman who grows and changes with you.

A woman who has incredible energy.

A woman who inspires your heart with the beauty and energy of her light.

This is a valuable woman for a masculine partner.

And a word of advice for women, the more your man perceives you as a limit in his life, the less he will be interested in relationship with you. Because men are always going to want freedom. And the more you liberate him, and free him to do what his current mission or goal is in life, the more he’ll find you indispensable, irresistible … you will be the main source of light and love in his life.

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* This post was inspired by listening to an audio by David Deida.

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